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Generally, companion/sitter services focus on providing non-medical care services that promote our clients’ physical, social, mental, and emotional health. Our compassionate companion caregivers offer client-centered services tailored to the clients’ specific needs and preferences. We render services within the clients’ homes, allowing them to remain living in a familiar environment and close with their loved ones.


To describe the allowable activities (tasks/duties) that may be performed in the provision of Companion/Sitter services.


  1. Companion/Sitter Services
    Companion/Sitter services include non-medical care, socialization, and basic supervision to ensure a client’s safety and well-being. Companions may provide light housekeeping tasks, which are secondary to the care and supervision of the client.


  1. La La’s Home Care provides Companion/Sitter services to individuals who need assistance in caring for themselves due to old age, sickness, disability, and/or other inflictions. These services shall be provided in their own homes and/or within communities.
  2. Companion/Sitter services include, but are not limited to, the following activities:
    1. Providing companionship, friendship, and emotional support
    2. Talking, listening, sharing experiences
    3. Playing games/cards, reading to the client, etc.
    4. Helping keep clients in contact with family, friends, and the outside world
    5. Providing transportation and escort assistant to medical appointments, grocery store, and errands
    6. Accompanying clients to recreational and/or social events
    7. Assisting with plans for visits and outings
    8. Writing or typing letters/correspondence
    9. Organizing and reading mail
    10. Planning local trips and out-of-town travel with clients
    11. Teaching/performing appropriate meal planning, preparation, and serving
    12. Performing household tasks essential to cleanliness and safety
    13. Accompanying client on walks
    14. Reminding clients to take medication
    15. Reminding clients to start or finish meals
    16. Assisting with pet and care
    17. Assisting with and encouraging clients to perform exercises and other recreational activities
    18. Doing arts and crafts
    19. Teaching clients how to use gadgets, such as cellphones, laptops, tablets, etc.
    20. Teaching clients how to create and use social media accounts
  3. Companion/sitter services shall NOT include any personal or hands-on care.


  1. The supervisor shall follow the Agency’s policy on Service Delivery Process:
    1. Once a request for Companion/Sitter services is received, the supervisor shall consult with the client/client’s representative to determine the client’s needs/wants.
    2. If the Companion/Sitter services required are outside the scope of the Agency, the supervisor may make a referral to a more appropriate service provider if the individual making the request gives consent.
    3. If the Agency is able to provide the Companion/Sitter services requested, the supervisor shall develop an individualized Service Plan jointly with the client/client’s representative. A copy of the Service Plan shall be given to the client/client’s representative.
    4. The supervisor shall draw up a Service Agreement and ensure that he/she and the client/client’s representative sign it. A copy of the signed Service Agreement shall be given to the client/client’s representative.
    5. The supervisor shall arrange for Companion/Sitter services to be implemented in accordance with the Service Plan.
    6. The supervisor shall monitor the delivery and implementation of Companion/Sitter services by conducting evaluative follow-ups at regular intervals to assess the success of service delivery.
    7. The supervisor shall ensure that adjustments are made to Companion/Sitter services where indicated.
  2. The supervisor shall provide employees with the appropriate forms for documenting clients’ activities, progress, and employee’s observations.
  3. Employees shall follow the Service Plan and document the required information on the forms provided.
  4. At the end of each shift, employees shall document on the Employee Time Sheet:
    1. that Companion/Sitter services were delivered and
    2. the date and time of service delivery

    Employees shall ensure that they and the client/client’s representative sign the Employee Time Sheet.

  5. Employees shall observe, report, and record any changes in the client’s condition and/or the home environment to the Supervisor.


  1. Companion/Sitter services shall be delivered in a caring and respectful manner in accordance with relevant Agency policies and industry standards.
  2. Companion/Sitter services shall only be assigned to those employees who have the necessary experience, skills, qualifications, certification, or equivalent to meet the needs of the client. Where this is not possible, employees may be trained to perform the necessary tasks required for client care.
  3. Employees shall be able to communicate effectively with the client, using the client’s preferred method of communication.
  4. Employees and clients shall be informed of and must understand the extent and limitations of services provided by the Agency.
  5. Services provided shall be in accordance with Worker’s Compensation regulations.

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