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We help you maintain good personal hygiene and grooming and complete daily living tasks.

Generally, personal care services focus on upholding the hygiene and grooming of individuals and assisting them with their daily living activities. At La La’s Home Care, we have expert personal care attendants who render exceptional care and support to clients with the utmost respect, flexibility, professionalism, and proficiency. Our team delivers the appropriate levels of assistance needed to allow our clients to exercise their independence by allowing them to perform certain tasks on their own while a caregiver supervises them, overseeing their safety and welfare.


To describe the allowable activities (tasks/duties) that may be performed in the provision of Personal Care services.


  1. Personal Care Services
    Personal Care services offer assistance to clients, who have experienced a loss in their ability to perform the activities of daily living, to help them remain in a safe, clean, and healthy home environment.
  2. Activities of Daily Living
    Activities of daily living refer to activities, including bathing, dressing, transferring, using the toilet, eating, and walking, which reflect the clients’ capacity for self-care.


  1. La La’s Home Care provides Personal Care services to individuals who need assistance in performing and completing the different activities of daily living due to old age, sickness, disability, and/or other inflictions. These services shall be provided in their own homes and/or within communities.
  2. Personal Care services include, but are not limited to, the following:
    1. assisting with eating, including:
      1. preparing food for clients with eating difficulties by cutting or pureeing
      2. monitoring food and liquid intake
      3. following special diet
      4. observing eating behavior
      5. monitoring eating safety risks, such as swallowing and choking
    2. assisting with bathing, including:
      1. bed bathing
      2. sponge bathing
      3. tub bathing
      4. showering
      5. perineal care
    3. using bath equipment, including:
      1. tub seat
      2. hydraulic tub seat
      3. hand-held shower wand
    4. assisting with tooth care, including:
      1. brushing permanent teeth
      2. flossing
      3. using rubber pick
      4. removing, cleaning, and inserting dentures
    5. assisting/providing grooming, including:
      1. shaving with an electric or safety razor
      2. beard trimming
      3. applying make-up
    6. assisting with/providing hair care, including:
      1. brushing
      2. shampooing
      3. Styling
    7. assisting with bowel regularity, including:
      1. monitoring bowel movements and appearance
      2. following prescribed diets for bowel maintenance
      3. giving suppositories
      4. giving enemas
    8. assisting with transfers, including:
      1. one person pivot transfer
      2. two person transfers
      3. using transfer belts
      4. using mechanical lifts
      5. using wheelchair, walker, and/or cane
    9. assisting with self-administered medication, including:
      1. reminding client to take medications
      2. placing medication within reach of the client
      3. providing water for oral medication
      4. opening pill bottles or dispensing medications from blister packs, which have been prepared by a pharmacist
      5. storing medications
      6. reassuring the client that medication has been taken
    10. assisting/providing basic skin care, including:
      1. washing and drying
      2. applying non-prescription body lotions or creams
      3. observing skin changes
    11. assisting with dressing, including:
      1. helping clients choose which outfit to wear
      2. preparing appropriate clothing for the weather and in consideration with their condition and preferences
      3. putting on support stockings, which do not require a physician’s prescription
    12. assisting with nail maintenance, including;
      1. soaking
      2. trimming
      3. pushing back cuticles
      4. filing, except as outlined in #3-a
    13. emptying or changing external urinary collecting devices, including catheter bags and supra-pubic bags.
    14. encouraging clients to perform normal body movements, as tolerated;
    15. encouraging clients to follow prescribed exercise programs;
    16. assisting with prosthetics, such as applying/removing/cleaning hearing aids and limbs;
    17. assisting with menstrual care;
    18. assistance with urinals, bedpans, and/or commodes;
    19. providing bowel and bladder incontinence care;
    20. assisting with positioning in bed, wheelchair, and other chairs;
    21. assisting with positioning cradles, rolls, and pillows;
    22. assisting with transferring back and forth from bed, wheelchair, toilet, and chair;
    23. providing colostomy care and emptying ostomy bag; and
    24. emptying, cleaning, and changing urinary drainage bags.
  3. Personal Care services shall NOT include:
    1. giving nail care to clients with circulatory problems or specific medical conditions, such as diabetes and calluses;
    2. dispensing medications unless the medications have been prepared by a pharmacist and are placed in a blister pack;
    3. inserting or removing tubes or objects into/out of body openings, including catheters;
    4. assisting with the application of anti-embolic or other pressure stockings, which require a physician’s prescription;
    5. administering syringe feedings, tube feedings, and/or intravenous feedings;
    6. performing passive range-of-motion exercises on clients;
    7. taking verbal telephone orders from Physicians;
    8. advising clients/families about diagnoses and/or treatment plans;
    9. supervising other Personal Care Attendants; and,
    10. doing anything that is beyond the duties of a Personal Care Attendant.
  4. The Agency shall follow Workers Compensation regulations when providing Personal Care services.
  5. Personal Care services shall be delivered in accordance with state regulations.


  1. The supervisor shall follow the Agency’s policy on Service Delivery Process:
    1. Once a request for Personal Care services is received, the supervisor shall make a home visit to determine the client’s needs/wants.
    2. If the Personal Care services required are outside the scope of the Agency, the supervisor may make a referral to a more appropriate service provider if the individual making the request gives consent.
    3. If the Agency is able to provide the Personal Care services requested, the supervisor shall develop an individualized Service Plan jointly with the client/client’s representative. A copy of the Service Plan shall be given to the client/client’s representative.
    4. The supervisor shall draw up a Service Agreement and ensure that he/she and the client/client’s representative sign it. A copy of the signed Service Agreement shall be given to the client/client’s representative.
    5. The supervisor shall arrange for Personal Care services to be implemented in accordance with the Service Plan.
    6. The supervisor shall monitor the delivery and implementation of Personal Care services by conducting evaluative follow-ups at regular intervals to assess the success of service delivery.
    7. The supervisor shall ensure that adjustments are made to Personal Care services where indicated.
  2. The supervisor shall provide employees with the appropriate forms for documenting clients’ activities & progress and employee observations.
  3. Employees shall follow the Service Plan and document the required information on the forms provided.
  4. At the end of each shift, employees shall document on the Employee Time Sheet:
    1. that Personal Care services were delivered and
    2. the date and time of service delivery.

    Employees shall ensure that they and the client/client’s representative sign the Employee Time Sheet.

  5. Employees shall observe, report, and record any changes in the client’s condition and/or the home environment to the supervisor.


  1. Personal Care services shall be delivered in a caring and respectful manner in accordance with relevant Agency policies and industry standards.
  2. Personal Care services shall only be assigned to those employees who have the necessary experience, skills, qualifications, certification, or equivalent to meet the needs of the client. Where this is not possible, employees may be trained to perform the necessary tasks required for client care.
  3. Employees shall be able to communicate effectively with the client using the client’s preferred method of communication.
  4. Employees and clients shall be informed of and must understand the extent and limitations of services provided by the Agency.
  5. Services provided shall be in accordance with Worker’s Compensation regulations.


  1. Service Delivery Process
  2. Confirmation of Service Hours
  3. Client Records


  1. Service Plan
  2. Service Agreement
  3. Employee Time Sheet

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